Lincoln Mills on the Dennys River

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Exploring Dennys River/Lincoln Mills on the Dennys River
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Since its earliest beginnings, Dennysville was a lumbering town. It was the abundance of timber and water in the area that prompted General Benjamin Lincoln to urge John Lowell and Thomas Russel of Boston to join him in purchasing two townships at Passamaquoddy following the American Revolution. It was to harvest the timber and utilize the water power to saw logs into boards that his son Theodore Lincoln and a group of hardy men came to Township No. 2 in 1786. By 1791, over 400,000 feet of lumber were being sawed annually.

During 1803 and 1804, logs cut in the vicinity of the Wilson’s Stream were floated in rafts up the Dennys River as far as the grist mill, then hauled overland by ox teams to be sawed at the recently rebuilt Messrs. Lincoln and Russel mill. The lumber was sluiced back to the tide water and carried by large rafts through Cobscook Bay Falls to long Cove where it was loaded on ships bound for Boston. Lumber for the English market was carried in rafts to Snug Cove at Welshpool, on Campobello island, New Brunswick.

In 1871, the Lincoln Brothers shipped 2,300,000 feet of long lumber, 400,000 spruce and pine shingles, 3,000,000 spruce and pine laths, and had an additional 600,000 feet of additional long lumber ready for shipment. Standing on the Old Route 1 Bridge, looking upstream in 1880's you would have seen the Lincoln family mills hard at work. When the mills fell silent in the 1920's, victims to changing times, new technologies and an absence of mature trees, the town's livelihood was taken away. Throughout the twentieth century the questions has been: What will take its place?

Audio sourced from the BBC and used for educational purposes under the RemArc license.

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Exploring Dennys River

Lincoln Mills on the Dennys River

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