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Lepage Bakeries, Country Kitchen: 354 Lisbon Ave.

While work in textile and later paper mills brought Francos to the area, they did not all stay in those factory jobs. Many branched out into other business endeavors after their arrival. These local entrepreneurs created businesses to serve not only their fellow Francos, but the rest of Lewiston. One of these was Francois Regis (F.R.) Lepage. Lepage immigrated from Quebec in 1885 and started working as a foreman at Dupont Bakery. In 1903, thanks to a loan from his former boss and fellow Franco, Philippe Dupont, Lepage opened Lepage Bakeries, later known as Country Kitchen, on this spot.

By 1920, Lepage’s was one of 16 bakeries in Lewiston. To compete, Lepage Bakery started making house to house deliveries. The company survived the Great Depression and rationing during World War II by embracing new technology and mass production.

By 1993 they grew into two production plants in Lewiston, and another in Brattleboro, VT. In 2007 Lepage Bakery was one of the largest employers in Maine. Lepage Bakery was bought by Flowers Foods in 2012. Today Lepage Bakeries still operates in downtown Lewiston, under the umbrella of the Flower Foods company, producing Country Kitchen and Barowsky’s breads, rolls and doughnuts.

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Lepage Bakeries

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