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Ever think about the spaces around you during your commute? We don’t mean that single square foot you’ve squeezed into on your ‘L’ ride to work. We mean the sky above you, the trash collecting areas below you and the slivers of unused land around the city’s elevated train lines. We call this ‘L’eftspace.

In places like Lincoln Park, where a lack of space for new residential development cannot meet consumer demand, these overlooked nooks and crannies could provide for a new style of urban living.

Imagine working—or working out—with uninterrupted city views and the occasional rumble of a passing train below: behold The ‘L’eftover. Or perusing a pedestrian lane filled with shops, spotted with sunlight filtering through the tracks overhead: The ‘L’eftunder. Or maybe waking up, preparing breakfast alongside the ‘L’ platform, and catching the next Loop-bound train to work. Bed to Brown Line in just minutes: The ‘L’eftaround.

Let’s live in ‘L’eftspace!

See all 50 visionary projects at the Chicago Architecture Foundation, 224 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago.
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Activating Neglected Space


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