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Kaminski House Museum

While the Kaminski House Museum is an hour's drive from Charleston, it has such a compelling story that you need to learn. Learn more about the museum's story to complete the last challenge!

Built in 1769, the Kaminski House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is the western anchor of the Georgetown Historic District. Located in the heart of historic Georgetown, SC, the Kaminski House was built on a bluff overlooking the Sampit River. The house is typical of the Lowcountry “single house” architecture style and has the narrow ends of the building that faces the street and the river. As is typical of single houses, the main entry door is located midway down one side of the building.

The house was built by a leading merchant of South Carolina named Paul Trapier, who was also known as “The King of Georgetown”. He was born in the French Santee section of Berkley County but moved to Georgetown, where he opened a small store. Over the years, Trapier became one of the wealthiest merchants in the colony. During the American Revolution, Trapier was active in supplying the military with provisions until the fall of Charleston to the British in 1780. Trapier gave the home and land to his daughter Elizabeth in 1769.

Over the years, the house had different owners and the most important one was Julia Kaminski, who was a resident from 1931 until she gave it to the City of Georgetown in her will when she died. The house went through a series of renovations. Between 1946 and 1949 bathrooms were installed for every bedchamber, in addition to adding a half bath to the downstairs library. The second-floor bedchambers were also extended. The second-floor piazza was removed and a small wrought-iron balcony was installed. Lastly, three sides of the original cypress clapboard siding were covered with a brick façade.

Your Challenge

Solve this question. The Kaminski House Museum was named in honor of someone. Who was it?

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Learn About: Kaminski House Museum

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