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History of New Orleans/Laura Plantation
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A Lost World Come to Life

While the South is filled with the remnants of the plantation owning class, there are significantly fewer belonging to Creole families remaining today. Creole culture came from the unique mix of cultures that flourished in Louisiana before the acquisition by the United States. This blend of cultures included French, African, and various Native American peoples. Their society was forged by the hardships of early colonial life in the Louisiana swamps, the emphasis on family and social hierarchy, and their Roman Catholicism. The result is a complex society characterized by a stratified society with social classes based on wealth and family connections, with less emphasis on racial differences than the English-influenced culture of the East Coast.

The manor house was built in 1804 six hundred feet from the Mississippi River by Senegalese slaves and was completed in eleven months. The manor house was the center of life, both professionally and privately, of the plantation. The owners conducted business, hosted parties, and lived their lives within these walls. Beyond the immaculately constructed home of the owner, the ones who were instrumental in building the wealth associated with the property lived in the slave quarters nearby on the property. Slavery was just as much of a part of Creole culture as it was for the English colonies, and the restored slave quarters still stand as a testament to the people who existed on the margins but were just as important a part of the story. Tours can be arranged in both English or French and are $25 per adult.

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History of New Orleans

Laura Plantation

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