La Rabida Convent

6401 S Promontory Dr Chicago

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The Convent of La Rabida

Columbus's Remains

Inside the Convent were many relics related to Columbus including signed documents, an anchor which was alleged to be one of the anchors belonging to one of Columbus’s ships, artwork and mosaics on loan from the Vatican dealing with Christopher Columbus, one of the first maps showing the “New World” completed in the early 16th Century, the first church bell ever rung in the Americas given to the small town of Isabella by then King Ferdinand, and probably the most interesting article was a crystal locket on loan from Mrs. E.P. Sargent of New York City which contained a pinch of dust from the remains of Christopher Columbus which was collected by Senor J.M. Castillo who had assisted in unearthing Columbus’s remains during a 1877 renovation of the Cathedral of Santa Domingo in Cuba.

Nearby Exhibits

The Nina, The Pinta and The Santa Maria

Full-size replicas of Columbus's ships were built by Spain and pulled by tugboat to the World's Fair. Fair-goers could take tours of the inside of the boats. The boats stayed in Jackson Park for many years until they finally succumbed to elements and time.

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The 1893 World's Columbian Exposition

La Rabida Convent

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