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Though not developers or preservationists by trade, Quincy residents Clare and Ken Goerlich have personally preserved historic homes and buildings on Kentucky street where they live in the South Side German Historic District of Quincy. The local couple has restored nine residential buildings and one commercial property in their neighborhood. These were once neglected historic buildings that have been transformed into livable spaces the community can be proud of and enjoy once again. 

Watch the video below, made by Kennedy-King College student filmmakers as part of Landmarks Illinois' "People Saving Places" video project, to learn about the Goerlich's preservation efforts in Quincy. 

Kentucky Street in Quincy 

Ken & Clare Goerlich began transforming their Quincy block by restoring their own home on Kentucky Street. The couple bought their home in 1971. 

"From then  (1971) until about 1990, unfortunately, some of the houses we have since purchased were going downhill," said Clare Goerlich of Kentucky Street in Quincy.

Following the restoration of their own home, the Goerlichs decided to buy a small cottage across the street that was falling into disrepair. Over the years, they continued to purchase historic homes on their block, Kentucky Street, as they went up for sale, restoring them one by one and transforming the neighborhood. In all, the Goerlichs have restored nine residential buildings and one commercial building. 

"Quincy is a town that is full of beautiful, old buildings, and if they are not properly maintained, we have seen, many fall into disrepair and then they are gone," said Vicki Ebbing, President of Quincy Preserves.  "In order to save these treasures for our children and grandchildren, we need to maintain them and preserve them."

See before and after pictures of some of the historic homes the Goerlichs have restored on their block below: 

1022 Kentucky Street, Quincy

During restoration: 

1017-1019 Kentucky Street

Before restoration: 

During restoration:

1021-1023 Kentucky Street

Before restoration: 

1025-1027 Kentucky Street

Before restoration: 

During restoration: 

729-731 Kentucky Street

Before restoration: 

Landmarks Illinois honored the Goerlichs in 2016 at our Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Preservation Awards for their years of preservation in Quincy. Clare Goerlich was given the Joe Antunovich Award for Leadership at the September 2016 awards ceremony in Chicago. 

The Goerlichs were also honored in 2016 by Quincy Preserves, a local historic preservation organization in Quincy. The Gorelichs were given Quincy Preserves' Lifetime Achievement Award. 

"Quincy Preserves decided to honor the Goerlichs because there are not many people in Quincy who would take on such a task and save their neighborhood.," said Vicki Ebbing, President of the local organization.
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People Saving Places in Illinois

Kentucky St., Quincy

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