Kaladi Coffee Roasters

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Kaladi Coffee Roasters

Kaladi Coffee Roasters has been serving the Denver community since 2000. The owners, Mark Overly and Andrew Melnick, wanted to participate in the American coffee revolution movement and offer a high-quality beverage to compete with the emerging chains. Mark, former President and Coffee Buyer for Kaladi Brothers Coffee in Anchorage, Alaska, transferred his years of experience and expertise to this Denver-based coffee roaster.

Today, Kaladi Coffee Roasters specializes in traditional espresso-based drinks and simple pour-overs. Their method of air roasting their beans gives them a way to stand out from some of the other Denver coffee shops. While the traditional roasting process can scorch the beans and produce a bitter aftertaste, air roasting increases the heat applied to the bean without bitterness. It enhances the aroma of the bean and creates a cleaner taste. Try a latte, or, if it’s available, go for their Venetian Cream made from a “secret” recipe. Their knowledgeable baristas can help you pick your new favorite coffee. Kaladi also serves oatmeal, bars, and other pastries. If you want to take the taste home with you, they offer coffee subscriptions online.

Legend Has It

Kaladi Coffee Roasters is named after a goat herder from Arabia Felix, who discovered the invigorating benefit of Coffea plant berries. According to the legend, Kaladi was surprised to find his goats acting more lively after eating some red berries on a shrub. After sampling some for himself, he was pleased by his more joyous and elated experiences in life. One day, a passing monk met Kaladi and inquired about his state of pleasure. Kaladi introduced him to the red berries, and the monk discovered that they helped him stay more fully awake during his prayers. Deciding that the berries were a gift from heaven, he began to brew them in water and shared them with others in his monastery. Word spread throughout Arabia Felix, and the rest is history.

Worthy of Its Namesake

Kaladi Coffee Roasters has taken every effort to uphold the authenticity and magic of this ancient story. They consider the community the “heart and soul” of their business, from the farmers who grow the beans to the people in Denver who consume the final beverage. The majority of their growers are Fair Trade, and several of the farms are women-owned.

Cover image by Gideon Putra is made available on Pixabay.

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Kaladi Coffee Roasters

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