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Just Yoga

"Zero pressure, relaxed vibe, and friendly, supportive staff"

At just yoga, you will leave feeling stronger, more confident, vibrant and present in your life. A lot of people start as beginners at just yoga and quickly become pros. If you can't currently touch your toes or do a downward dog, you won't feel ashamed in these classes. All of their classes are small sizes and have no expectations and no judgments. They pride themselves on having classes with all walks of life including students with physical limitations, weight issues. health issues and emotional issues. All are welcome and all are supported at just yoga.

Yoga For Beginners

Looking to get started in yoga but don't know where to start? It can be intimidating going to a yoga class when you don't know any of the moves. Or maybe you just don't even know the basics of yoga. Just yoga has a yoga 101 fundamentals for beginners class every month that is perfect to get started. Sian Pringle, one of Vancouver's highest-rated teachers, leads a group through a 2.5-hour session that takes you through the basics of Hatha yoga. The moves you will learn help strengthen the body and maintain flexibility and how to flow through different postures and breathing techniques.

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You can find a wide range of classes at just yoga including classes for beginners and those more advanced. You can slow it down with yin and restorative yoga or join a more challenging power class. If you're looking to reduce stress and deepen your mind, you'll love the meditative styles of yoga. Just yoga also provides workshops year-round that include yoga for stress relief, sound healing, myofascial fitness, healthy eating, breathing techniques and more.

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Just Yoga

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