Jekyll Brewery

2855 Marconi Dr #350 Alpharetta

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Jekyll Brewery

Jekyll Brewing is named after the first brewery created in the Deep South on Jekyll Island in 1738. Beer was vital to early colonists because it was safer to drink than water, and, since it's densely caloric, it comprised a critical portion of daily nourishment. Co-owner and brewmaster Josh Rachel is the driving force behind a creative and diverse collection of craft beers that span the global spectrum of brew styles. Check out Josh talking about his philosophy on creating great beer:

Jekyll Brewing takes great pride in fostering an environment to drink and enjoy beer without judgment or pretention. The taproom has an everchanging selection of new creations and old standbys. A local favorite is the Southern Juice IPA. The Southern Juice IPA is brewed with wheat and oats that produce a unique malt profile that is unmistakable and delicious. It is blended with Citra and Simcoe hops for a juicy and aromatic flavor profile, and it is packaged unfiltered, giving it a hazy, flavorful, and distinctive finish. One of the more creative concoctions at Jekyll is the Pineapple Habenero Hot Dang Diggity. Jekyll has a particular affinity for IPAs, and local aficionados tend to gravitate towards them in the taproom. The distinctive flavor of an IPA comes from its hops. While most brewers usually diversify their beer by adding different varieties of hops, Jekyll takes it one step further by adding the uncommon flavors of habanero and pineapple to the IPA. Hops and pineapple mesh together incredibly well, and then adding a touch of heat creates something unique.

Cover image by Pawel Kadysz is made available on Unplash.

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Jekyll Brewery

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