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Jason Brammer
Written By Jason Brammer

Jason Brammer is a Chicago-based visual artist known for his distinctive mixed media works, paintings, drawings, site-specific installations, and murals.

Jason Brammer's studio is an anchor of creativity in Humboldt Park. It's not uncommon to see neighborhood kids gawking at the exterior mural as the all-seeing eye stares back at them. Like many of his works, the studio mural is a portal into another realm, a depiction of his own reality. The mural you see today started in 2014 and has yet to be completed. The work is a combination of his styles, from the opening window of the "Time Machines" series to the Asian clouds in the "Axis Mundi" paintings.

The mural is dedicated to Tina, a woman who lived on the street for a long time and passed away while it was in progress. While painting, Jason met her son and it now serves as a reminder for him. You might be lucky enough to see Jason working on the mural on a nice day as he continues to incorporate elements from the surrounding area.

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The gold triangle under the all-seeing eye is very intentional. It references alchemy, the process of turning lead into gold, and is symbolic of personal transformation. This same shape is depicted in other murals as well. An element from one mural often connects it to another.

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Portals, Pyramids, & Octopods: The Art of Jason Brammer

Jason Brammer Studio

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