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Photography buffs should not overlook this photo gallery powerhouse that’s been around since 1988. Specializing in contemporary photography, Janet Borden has shown many of the best modern photographers around including the likes of Robert H. Cumming, Jan Groover, and John Pfahl. They have a nice mix of solo shows, thematic collections, and experimental work.

Though the gallery used to be in SoHo, it joined the Dumbo scene in 2016. Borden says she’s happy to be in the dynamic, up-and-coming neighborhood with its cool shops, old industrial buildings, and fresh air. Even though it’s a high brow, fine art institution, the gallery does not feel pretentious or stuffy, so don’t be afraid to just stroll in for a look around. One of the beautiful things about photography is how accessible it is to even the amateur art appreciator, and Janet Borden clearly embraces this idea.

The gallery always shows a variety of contemporary photographers with different styles. Current artists include Martin Parr, Neil Winokur, and Macduff Everton.

Martin Parr is an acclaimed English photographer whose work is represented in most public photography collections in the world. With 90 photo books under his belt, he may be best known for his unique view of Bristol, an English beach town that had seen better days. His work showed a fascinating contrast between the bright, celebratory colors and the evident decay.

Fans of Andy Warhol will definitely want to check out the photographs of Neil Winokur. While he used to photograph people (including Warhol himself), Winokur has turned to everyday objects. His latest series is a photographic version of kid’s object and alphabet cards – A for apple, etc. His super saturated backgrounds and intense colors are a treat for the eyes and a small nod to 60s pop art.

Macduff Everton is an American photographer who takes stunning panoramic images that capture magnificent light and weather phenomena in beautiful locations around the world. His pictures have been published in the New York Times, Conde Nast Traveler and Life among others. Standing in front of his epic pieces, you won’t be blamed if you think to yourself, “Are these real places?”  

 This venerable gallery should be on the bucket lists of all serious photography lovers and is worth a visit for any appreciators of striking art that has the power to alter your perspective and make you see the ordinary in an extraordinary light.

Cover Photo Credit: www.artindumbo.com.

Art in Dumbo

Janet Borden, INC

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