In the Shadow of Beer City

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Hidden Gems of Grand Rapids/In the Shadow of Beer City
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The beer brewing business in Grand Rapids began in 1836 with an Englishman named John Pannell. Pannell came to Grand Rapids when the city was still a small village camped next to the Grand River. At the time, beer was considered safer to drink than water because it was boiled and in Grand Rapids it was marketed as a family drink- a safer alternative to whiskey.

The business of brewing flourished for almost a hundred years until prohibition was established and delivered a huge blow to the breweries. The last brewery in Grand Rapids closed in 1954. Years later, in 1997, the first brewery in forty years was opened by a pair of friends from Hope College. Ever since, Grand Rapids has grown into an American Beer Giant. Greyline Brewing Company is yet another unique and truly Michigan brewery in a long line of Grand Rapids beer houses.

Nate Walser started brewing by himself as a home brewer over twenty years ago. He has spent fifteen years working not only as a brewer, but also as a beer consultant throughout Grand Rapids. He opened Greyline Brewing Co. in 2015 and since then it has become a smaller, but key player in the Grand Rapids brewing scene. Another important individual at Greyline is Kona the boss dog, who is the manager of keeping the company calm.

Greyline Brewing Co. is a staple in the Grand Rapids Brewing scene that has grown in the shadow of a city with a powerful beer history and they seem intent on contributing to that history.

Greyline Brewing Company was founded with the intent to do things our way. We have no plans to take over the world through distribution domination, or be the next beer superpower. We are starting out small and plan on growing with you, for you, taking it one pint at a time. We will not make up stories about who we are, or where we came from, because history matters. This time history will be written by our own hand. We are brutally honest and plant to stay that way. - From Greyline Brewing Company's Mission Statement

Hidden Gems of Grand Rapids

In the Shadow of Beer City

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