Impossible Meeting

910 S Michigan Ave Chicago

Murals in the Chicago Loop/Impossible Meeting
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Impossible Meeting

The inspiration of this artwork comes from Marina Zumi's daily life. Marina tries to reflect human behavior through natural and animal scenes. In this mural, Marina creates a “firefly” atmosphere as the background, with two fluorescent deer in the middle.

The color palette includes celeste, aqua, ocean blue, midnight blue, royal blue, turquoise, and sky blue. By using these cold, blue colors, the mural provides a tranquility and a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Additionally, the palette provides great contrast with the mellow beige building behind it.

The Artist

Marina Zumi is an Argentinian native and Berlin-based artist, who was exposed to the street art scene early on and was one of the initial participants of the formative experimental street art group "Expression Sessions" in Buenos Aires.

Marina is known for her extra-large, colorful murals that cover entire buildings in cosmic-like illustrations. She combines idealized versions of animals, vegetation and nocturnal scenes for the creation of her very own natural, bio-luminescent landscapes. Marina aims to provide oases of serenity among the crowded and noisy city streets.

Murals in the Chicago Loop

Impossible Meeting

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