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Wrigley Field 1060 West Addison Street Chicago

Crosstown Classic/Ideal For Sunset
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Wrigley Field is a historical landmark and lasting exemplar of a bygone era of ballparks. This was the last major league park to have lights installed for night games, finally lighting the field in 1988 despite years of resistance from the community. Among the most beloved features of Wrigley are the ivy-covered outfield wall and the hand-operated scoreboard, both of which were brought about by none other than Bill Veeck. 

Though never an owner of the Cubs (Veeck ended his career after two stints as owner of the White Sox), he had grown up as a fan, working odd jobs and learning about team management here in Wrigley where his father, a former newspaper columnist, was president of the team. In 1937, when Bill was in charge of construction, he planted the ivy and created the distinctive scoreboard.

In this unique 1984 video we are offered a tour of the inner workings of the manually operated scoreboard from scoreboard technician “Art Upstairs” and hear Veeck speak with pride of the virtues of the oldest surviving scoreboard. Enjoy the hand-crafted experience of one of the only two manually-operated scoreboards in Major League Baseball. 

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Crosstown Classic

Ideal For Sunset

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