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The Chicago Park District owns one indoor ice rink and that's at McFetridge Sports Center. Full of activity 18 hours a day, seven days a week, MSC welcomes more than 2,000 patrons each week for its year-round competitive and recreational ice skating, hockey and tennis programs, as well as special events.

This is one of the few rinks in the city where figure skating is just as popular as hockey and recreational skating. McFetridge Sports Center or MSC is truly an all encompassing sports facility as there are tennis courts, fitness classes, and wheelchair baseball fields at MSC. 

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Did You Know?

McFetridge Sports Center has a NHL-sized ice arena with seating for 1,200 spectators. This is really a great place to get your feet wet (or toes frozen) when it comes to any and all ice sports. Check out their website at to find out when skating is open to the public.  

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