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The hauntingly famous Hull House was a settlement house on the west side of Chicago run by Jane Addams to help recently arriving immigrants from Europe. Jane Addams was one of the first to speak of its paranormal nature when she said she could hear footsteps in the room she slept in.

She believed them to be that of Charles Hull's wife who died in that room. The real urban legend of the Hull House is the tale of the "Devil Baby." It is rumored that a devout catholic woman was married to an atheist and become pregnant. Hoping for a safe pregnancy, the wife hung a picture of the Virgin Mary in the apartment.

When her husband saw this, he angrily ripped it down and yelled that "He'd rather have the Devil in the house!" Be careful what you wish for.

When the wife gave birth, they were shocked with a baby that was said to have scaly skin, hooves, and a set of horns. Scared and disgusted, the father dropped him off at the Hull House. Jane Addams tried to baptize the baby, but could not. The baby would be locked up in the attic until its eventual death. Although this story is a folk tale and has no basis in fact, it still captivates all those who visit or have heard of the haunted Hull House.

Haunted Chicago

Hull House

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