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Hotel del Coronado

Across the San Diego Bay, Hotel del Coronado remains an iconic place with a rich history. Second largest wooden structure in the United States, it opened in 1888 with 339 rooms. The original place had amenities like a salt water pool, tennis courts and a yacht club for all the guests. Since Edward, the Prince of Wales, stayed at the hotel in 1920, this place gained popularity and that attracted celebrities throughout the years. Great examples are Bill Clinton, Charles Chaplin, Clark Gable, and Katherine Hepburn.

During World War II, the U.S. government took over many resorts and hotels to use them as hospitals and housing. Many officers that were being trained stayed at the Hotel del Coronado with their families. They had priority over the rooms since it might have been the last time for them to be together.

Years after the war, M. Larry Lawrence purchased the hotel and expanded until it reached a capacity of 700 rooms, double than what it was at the beginning. The place was redecorated and refurbished but it kept the classic Victorian look. However, after Lawrence’s death, the hotel was bought by the Travelers Group. The obtained the approval to build 37 cottages and villas.

Since then, the hotel has had different owners but nowadays, it belongs to Blackstone and it is managed by the Hilton Hotels and Resorts. The effort that everyone put in here through the years is evident for people when they walk in for the first time. From beach activities to dining experiences, this resort is worth visiting!

Information sourced from Wikipedia. Cover Picture Courtesy of Nehrams2020 on Wikipedia. Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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Hotel del Coronado

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