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Heart and Soul

Hopleaf has been at the heart and soul of Chicago beer since the early 90s, and a love for the craft hangs on every vintage poster, beer tin, and glass. The wooden floors and interior brick coupled with the yeasty odor of Belgian farmhouse, saisons, and sours lend this historic gastropub the atmosphere of a humble monastery. Walk into the tiny front cafe area and you see old wooden tables topped with Kwak, Tripel Karmeliet, Saison Dupont. These days you see a lot more American craft, but the Belgian tradition is still alive and well. This is a place to drink more world’s greatest beers than anywhere else.

Similarly dedicated to their mission, the staff has incredible knowledge of the five dozen beers on tap and the hard-to-find brews from around the globe. Rich, seasonal Belgian-inspired dishes like mussels and steak bavette are just as much worth the trip. They’re strict about the 21 and older policy, but a night out at Hopleaf is worth a babysitter.

Setting the story

Who is the couple that came to run one of the country’s greatest drinking experiences? How did they get a city to drink Belgian beers at a point in history when something like Heineken was still considered a fancy import? And once they had all those people drinking exotic beers, what did they do with them? It’s an incredible tale of a reluctant barkeep who kept developing his vision even as the world around him seemed so unchanging for so long. Head to the Good Beer Hunting blog to listen to an interview with Michael Roper of The Hopleaf.

Insider’s Tip

Check Hopleaf's events for a wide range of spectacular beer-and-food-focused fun. From beer dinners and their Monthly Beer Socials featuring local craft breweries to exclusive beer tappings and style showcases, there's always a reason to head to Andersonville.

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