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Hollywood Cemetary

Resting in Hollywood

Though not named after the popular U.S. tourist destination, you may not be surprised to find recognizable names on the headstones. The Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond is the final resting place of some of history's most notable figures. These include former presidents: John Tyler and James Monroe. Also interred here is Confederate States' President Jefferson Davis. Named for the holly trees that stood there, Hollywood Cemetery remains a place of interest to thousands of visitors a year. The rushing James River provides a serene backdrop when walking through these sometimes ornate and aging plots. History comes to life at the Hollywood Cemetery.

The Hollywood Cemetery was established in the mid-1800s and is as much a part of U.S. history as those who are laid to rest there. Many Confederate soldiers are buried here, and there's a huge granite pyramid erected as a memorial to the thousands who fought and died. Along with soldiers, there are also generals, congressmen, and even a Supreme Court Justice. This cemetery is not just for soldiers and their families though, anyone interested can reserve a plot.

Keep reading to find out who's the most mysterious resident of the Hollywood Cemetery.

Ghostly Lore

There's a vampire buried in Hollywood Cemetery! Yes, you read that correctly. As the story goes, a man named W.W. Pool ran from Britain to America to escape being accused of his vampire-hood. Supposedly, he ended up in the cemetery. The stories just get wilder from there, but you can see this legend’s crypt during your visit. See for yourself that it’s just local lore…or is it?

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Hollywood Cemetary

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