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A Good Life

Mr. Farson believed outdoor living was key to good health. He had the large open porch built for just this purpose. He also took to sleeping in an open air 2nd floor sleeping porch when weather permitted.

With all the attention to detail and living space the interior of the home provided, Farson seemed to enjoy spending as much of his time outside of it. He felt fresh air, physical activity, and correct diet were essential to a good life. He also practiced temperance, and refrained from gambling, though was not self-righteous about his choice, allowing his guests to partake as they wished. When roller skating became popular, Farson, a fan of the fad, opened up his property, and allowed children to skate on his extensive grounds, ideally suited with its smooth cement walks.

In an era when windows were often closed tightly at night, Farson’s bed was in the open air. A newspaper article quoted “Millionaire banker fixes up a room on roof and sleeps out of doors in all kinds of weather. He wears red pajamas.” The open-air bedroom was at the rear of the house on the roof above the kitchen. It was provided with an awning and simple furniture. His cot was said to be worth $3.00. You too, can experience what it was like at Pleasant Home in its heyday by coming to its Silent Movies on the Porch!

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