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Happy Hollow Park & Zoo

The Happy Hollow Park & Zoo opened its doors to the public in March 1961 and since then, it has gone through different expansions and renovations that have allowed more spacious natural habits for the animals and new features for the visitors. In fact, from 2008 to 2010, the zoo closed its gates to add to the property new animal exhibits, an educational center, a gift shop, and a dining area called the Picnic Basket. Now, the zoo has about 60 animal species and family-friendly attractions such as roller coaster, petting zoo, carousel, and Puppet Castle Theater.

The Zoo has become an accredited institution that protects endangered species while providing the opportunity for kids and adults to have encounters with them. The ruffed lemur or the pygmy hippopotamus are some of the ones that people love the most. The petting area allows for the public to interact with llamas, guinea pigs, goats, and miniature horses. It is definitely a learning experience that includes different areas of conservation, animal welfare, science, and recreation.

The Conservation Program at the Happy Hollow Park & Zoo contributes to local and wildlife conservation projects, donating money through every ticket and membership sold. It has become a positive initiative that has attracted more and more tourists to it. This education program offers hands-on experiences and public presentations for everyone. All of these encounters have been created in order to connect visitors to wildlife, having the chance to see habitats from around the world.

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36 Hours in San Jose

Happy Hollow Park & Zoo

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