Grohmann Museum

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Grohmann Museum

The Grohmann Museum has the world's largest collection of art which is devoted to the evolution of human work. It has more than 1,400 pieces focused on working men and women, including sculptures, paintings, and written literature. The collection age ranges from the year 1580 to the present. All the artworks focus on the task of organized work, yet vary in exact content and context. Some illustrate farming, others depict trades such as glassblowers, while certain works feature machines and industrialization. The exact job does not matter; so long as it features working, it has a place at the Grohmann Museum.

School of Engineering

The Grohmann Museum is a part of the Milwaukee School of Engineering. The museum itself is made up of a collection belonging to only a single person: Dr. Eckhart Grohmann. Grohmann is a Milwaukee businessman and art-collector who used his funds to purchase, renovate and operate the museum. As the primary donor and collector, Grohmann is responsible for the cultivation of the museum as it currently is today.

Museum Layout

The layout and design of the museum itself can be seen as a work of art. Visitors are greeted at the main entrance with a steel and glass dome. The stained glass in the dome replicates images from the gallery. There is also the rooftop section, which is intricately designed as well. Covered in foliage and sculptures abound, visitors gain a beautiful overlook of the city while appreciating 9-foot bronze statues standing on the roofline. With three floors of galleries, a cafe, a rooftop garden, and a store, the Grohmann Museum has more than enough in-store to take up your entire day. If you appreciate the human work ethic, then this is the place for you. Stop by and support the art of the worker.

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Grohmann Museum

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