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When it comes to Chicago’s architectural heritage, skyscrapers, park monuments, and elaborate cathedrals get all the credit. Yet Graceland Cemetery, often called the “Cemetery of Architects”, has much more to offer. Established in 1860 by successful Chicago lawyer Thomas Bryan, Graceland Cemetery stands as a landmark in the city for its historic chapel building and monuments, and park-like landscape.

Three renowned architects—H.W.S. Cleveland, William Le Baron Jenney and Ossian Simonds—all contributed in making this cemetery one of Chicago’s most beautiful places to visit. Even today, Graceland Cemetery holds fascinating stories of great families, baseball greats, merchants, inventors, and so many more unique individuals.

William Hulbert (#26 on the map) was a famous and successful merchant based in Chicago. He is most known for owning the White Stockings (later to be called the Chicago Cubs in the early 1900s) and founding the National Baseball League in 1876 and presiding over it until his death in 1882. His gravestone marker was formed in the shape of a stone baseball to commemorate his contributions to the sport.

Walter Kinzie was a member of the White Stockings for 19 games in 1884 and is known most for his grandfather, John Kinzie (#4 on the map), one of Chicago’s founders. John’s head and foot stones are the oldest in Graceland cemetery, dating back to 1828.

John Augur Holabird and John Wellborn Root, Jr. (#8 on the map) were both architects, perhaps most known for their credit on the 1937 renovations of Wrigley Field which added the Wrigley’s iconic bleachers and the scoreboard. The Holabird family plot is a simple marble stone with the family name, the Root family lot, on the other hand, is marked by a massive and mossy stone celtic cross.

Ernie Banks (#22 on the map), forever remembered as “Mr. Cub” for his involvement in the team and “Mr. Sunshine” for his joyful demeanor, was a Chicago Cubs baseman from 1953 to 1971. Joining the Major League of Baseball’s frontrunning African American baseball players, Ernie Banks was the Chicago Cubs' first black player, blazing the trail for civil rights and equality in sports within the city.

Take a tour of the cemetery and find all of these monumental spots!

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Graceland Cemetery

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