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Inez Clarke

Built in 1860, Graceland cemetery has become the final resting place for some of Chicago's most notable figures. These include David Adler, John Kinzie, Potter Palmer, George Pullman, and Marshall Field, to name a few. But the most notable may be the tombstone of Inez Clarke, a six-year-old little girl who was killed after she was struck by lightning playing in the rain. The parents of Inez Clarke commissioned a stone statue of Inez's likeness to be placed directly on the tombstone and surrounded by a glass box in order to protect her from the elements that took her life.

On stormy days in Chicago, cemetery workers and tourists have reported that the statue has left the box and is nowhere to be seen as lightening flashes and storms rage on. As soon as the storm subsides, the statue of Inez Clarke can be seen right where it was, back in its glass box. Many speculate the statue leaves to play in the storm to relive its final moments one last time.

Haunted Chicago

Graceland Cemetery

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