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Melissa Skoog
Written By Melissa Skoog

A Neighborhood Park

Officially named Goudy Square Playlot Park, New Park was dubbed so by my children because of its recent renovation. Before, it had a similar look and feel to Old Park with the wood chips and less modern play equipment. With quite a few climbing options from jungle gyms to animal sculptures, the kids will always find something to do!

A fun thing for the kids are all the hidden benches that are kid sized. My son's favorite is under the slide, which he enjoys after a ride on his scooter around the park. The playlot equipment is pretty versatile, offering swings meant for toddlers and ones for older kids. New park is padded and very clean, giving peace of mind for us moms.

New Park is filled with trees so there’s plenty of shade for extended playtime in the summer. It’s great that New Park is such a neighborhood park because my kids have tons of “park friends” and the familiar faces are nice. There’s great play equipment that allow for exploration!

Insider Tip

There a few chalkboard surfaces throughout the park for some outdoor sketching. So don't forget the chalk!

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Goudy Square Park

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