Glooscap and His Dogs

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Glooscap and His Dogs Pursue the Moose

In the spring, while Glooscap was out hunting with his dogs, a moose was startled and ran and his dogs pursued the moose to the land’s end at L'mu'juiktuk (Cape d'Or, Nova Scotia). There, the moose took to the water and struck boldly out to sea where the dogs, even with all their magic, could not pursue him. But the dogs seated themselves on their haunches, raised their forepaws, pricked forward their ears, and howled loudly and piteously at the loss of their prey. Glooscap arrived on the spot in time to witness the interesting spectacle. He stopped the moose and turned him into an island, Maskusetkik, which is known today as Isle Haut. Changing the dogs into rocks, Glooscap left them there fixed in the same positions, where they can be seen this day, still watching the moose. (Adapted from Legends of the Micmac, Silas T. Rand, and The Language of This Land, Mi’kma’ki, Francis and Sable.)

About the Place Names

L'mu'juiktuk: Glooscap's dogs watched the moose escape across the water from this point of land, where they can still be seen in the rock formations. Mi'kmaq, "place of the dogs." English placename: Cape d'Or, Nova Scotia

Maskusetkik: according to Mi'kmaq oral histories, this island is the moose that escaped from Koluskap's dogs. Mi'kmaq, translation uncertain. English placename: Isle Haut, Nova Scotia


Glooscap and His Dogs

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