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Boston’s Chinatown is rich with history, tradition, excitement, gifts, culture, and great food. Tourists flock from all over the world to see the Chinese culture behind Chinatown’s walls.

Gee How Oak Tin

When Chinese immigrants first came to the US, many set up family associations established around family surnames to support new immigrants, help them find housing and employment, navigate a new cultural landscape, and serve as a central hub for social gatherings. The Gee How Oak Tin Association (uniting the Chan, Yuan, and Woo family names) opened in Boston in 1922 and moved to 77 Harrison Avenue in 1964. Usually, the first floors of family association buildings are commercial establishments that provide income for the association’s activities. Other local examples include the Lee Family Association at 10 Tyler Street and the Wong Family Association at 70 Beach Street.

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Boston's Chinatown

Gee How Oak Tin Association

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