Frozen Lighthouse

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Frozen Lighthouse

If you're visiting Cleveland in winter, there's one place that is an absolute must-visit. Admittedly, it doesn't happen every single year, but lately, the West Pierhead Lighthouse has found itself buried under a solid layer of ice in the cold months.

There are a couple of different ways to get a good look at the frozen lighthouse, but the best one is probably a Lake Erie cruise boat, although there's a pretty good view from nearby Wendy Park as well. The frozen lighthouse looks like a dreamscape straight from a fantasy movie - maybe you should encourage kids to look for Anna and Elsa? Check it out in this wild video from Chris Zimmer.

This bizarre natural phenomenon is not the lighthouse's only claim to fame. While it was manually operated for many years, the lighthouse was upgraded in 1965 and has been totally automated ever since. The original lens is on display in the Great Lakes Science Center, and the lighthouse is regularly used to this day (well, when it isn't frozen over).

Indulge your imagination in visions of a frozen wonderland

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Frozen Lighthouse

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