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Free Range Brewing- Let Your Taste Buds Roam

Free Range Brewing is the brainchild of two brothers Jeff and Jason Alexander. Born in Eastern North Carolina, they both bring something unique to the craft beer community in Charlotte.

Free Range Brewing is inspired by the farm to table movement in the culinary world. These days, it is possible to brew any style of beer from any part of the world. At Free Range, the ethos is to keep things local. There is a unique kind of ingenuity and practicality to using what grows around you. The local farms are an essential part of what makes Free Range Beers delicious. One of the favorite beers of patrons at Free Range Brewing is the Susie, Picking Flowers, which is on tap at the bar. The Susie, Picking Flowers is a Caroline Grisette with locally foraged flowers. Showcasing local ingredients and delicacies is what the brewers at Free Range live for. Some of the other favorites include; a Brettanomyces fermented blackberry wild ale, a juicy hop-bombing IPA and a sourdough-bread fermented farmhouse ale.

The core values at Free Range Brewery are gathering family, finding creativity, fostering community, and reclaiming history. The brewery is open to a variety of events so that people of all ages can join in the fun. Local art and artists are always on display to ensure that the brewery feels like a bastion of creativity. Free Range collaborates with a diverse set of local farms, chefs, and business to give back to the local community. The brewery is full of reclaimed and reimagined pieces of wood and steel as a reminder of the great history of the area.

Cover photo courtesy of Elevate via Unsplash.

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Free Range Brewing

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