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Known as the highest town in Texas (elevation 5,050 feet), Fort Davis grew up around its namesake, the U.S. Army garrison established in 1854 to protect travelers on the San Antonio-El Paso Road. Fort Davis's primary role remained safeguarding the west Texas frontier against attacks from the Comanches and Apaches until the mid 1880's.

Although the Comanches were defeated in the mid-1870s, the Apaches remained a nuisance on the San Antonio-El Paso road for some time. With the conclusion of the Indian Wars in west Texas, life at Fort Davis became more routine. In June 1891, as a result of the army's efforts to consolidate its frontier garrisons, Fort Davis was ordered abandoned, having "outlived its usefulness. It took another seventy years, when in 1961, the fort was authorized as a national historic site.

The wild west endures at Fort Davis National Historic Site, one of the nation’s best preserved frontier forts. Period furnishings and replica artifacts give several restored stone structures the look and feel of the 1880s. A visitors center chronicles Native American resistance and soldier life at the fort. The fort hosts a variety of period reenactments including a weapons test offering visitors an immersive glimpse into frontier life.

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Fort Davis National Historic Site

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