Forrest Theatre

1114 Walnut St Philadelphia

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Forrest Theatre

The Forrest Theatre is a 'road house' used primarily by touring theatre and dance companies. It is owned by the Shubert Organization, a company founded by three brothers 100 years ago. Each brother had a different personality - charming and gregarious, aloof, and mercurial. The Shubert personalities factored into how they conducted business, including construction of their playhouses. Construction of the Forrest Theatre began on September 1st, 1927 and was completed on May 1st, 1928 for a cost of $2 million. The theatre was named for Edwin Forrest, the great Philadelphia-born tragic actor of the 19th century. The theatre was equipped with modern conveniences of the time, such as wider seats in the orchestra, smoking rooms for both men and ladies, and state of the art ventilation and electrical systems. The inaugural performance was The Red Robe, starring Walter Woolf and Evelyn Herbert. Over the years, the stage of the Forrest has been graced by Yiddish Theatre, Gilbert & Sullivan productions, the Philadelphia Orchestra, and the launch of countless musicals, dramas and comedies.

The Shubert Organization has been pioneering American theatre since the beginning of the 20th century. Today the company owns and operates 17 Broadway theaters and six off-Broadway venues. The Shubert Foundation is committed to sustaining and advancing live performing arts in the United States. Non-profit theaters and dance companies generously have their general operating costs supported by the foundation.

Modern day road house.

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Forrest Theatre

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