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Reclaiming Public Space/Food Infrastructure
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Food is at the center of our daily lives: fueling human bodies, supporting the natural energy cycle and one of the most significant reflections of human culture. Despite this, food is continually wasted in the City of Chicago—to the rate of 55 million pounds per month, according to the USDA. 

Anaerobic digesters can capture this food waste and generate usable energy in the form of methane gas, creating a clean substitute for more traditional energy production (coal, gas) within the city. In the city’s 22nd Ward, the Crawford Generating Station has burned coal for nearly a century, polluting the air, land and water and contributing to health problems across the city.

Bio-digesters could transform this negative legacy to a future of clean-energy promise and community-centric infrastructure built around food, including a new international public market, restaurants, public parkland, wholesale food distribution and educational facilities; even a museum dedicated to a century of energy in Chicago.

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Reclaiming Public Space

Food Infrastructure

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