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170 Lockwood Dr Charleston

SEMC Scavenger Hunt/Exhibitor Expo
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Join us In Charleston, South Carolina IN 2019! Don't forget to save the dates and mark your calendars for SEMC 2019, October 21-23!

Exhibitor Expo Part 1

Wasn't the Caw Caw Interpretive Center fascinating? It's time to return to the conference to visit the Exhibitor Expo. Companies that specialize in exhibit design, materials, consulting and other museum specific tasks have congregated in the main Crystal Ballroom of our hotel for a chance to speak with all of you!

Your Challenge

Your task at the exhibitor hall is simple. Find the following exhibitor using these clues: 1. Take the last two digits of the year the Civil War ended. 2. Subtract the number of letters in the word “Charleston”. 3. Add the number of competitions that SEMC held this year. (Not counting SWIM) 4. Subtract the number of letters in the name of the Marriott restaurant (one word). 5. Take the first two digits of the current year. Subtract this number from the number you got at the end of Step 4. The name of this booth will unlock the next location!

What's next?

Get ready for more Charleston stories (and myths!) at our next location!

Name the rebellion that occured in 1739?

SEMC Scavenger Hunt

Exhibitor Expo

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