Exhibitor Expo Part 2

170 Lockwood Dr Charleston

SEMC Scavenger Hunt/Exhibitor Expo Part 2
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Join us In Charleston, South Carolina IN 2019! Don't forget to save the dates and mark your calendars for SEMC 2019, October 21-23!

We're Back: Exhibitor Expo

I hope you enjoyed exploring two exciting sites in Charleston! We are back at the Exhibitor Expo to learn more about the participating companies and solve the next puzzle. Are you ready for your next challenge?

Your Challenge

Find the following exhibitor using these clues: 1. Find the booth that is in between Aurora Design Products and Malone Fabrication. 2. After you locate the booth, look directly across the aisle and note the number of the opposite booth. 3. The final booth is the one located directly behind the booth noted in Step Two. Identifying the correct number will unlock the next challenge. (HINT: This booth will be between booths 51-58). You can find a map in the SEMC Exhibitors section of your conference guide.

Map of the Exhibitors Hall

Cover photo by Tony & Wayne via Flickr and licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

The Fireproof Building architect also designed this famous structure in DC? (2 words)

SEMC Scavenger Hunt

Exhibitor Expo Part 2

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