Exhibit: The People, The Place, The Promise

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South Carolina Historical Society Museum/Exhibit: The People, The Place, The Promise
South Carolina Historical Society
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As the state's oldest historical society, its largest private manuscript repository, and its newest museum, the South Carolina Historical Society serves as an invaluable and unique asset to anyone who seeks information concerning South Carolina’s past and its role in national history.


Six galleries draw from the SC Historical Society's collection of artifacts, personal treasures, and handwritten accounts. These original items are paired with innovative technology to illuminate crucial moments in our country’s past.

Gallery 1 deals with the period of European settlement and focuses on the diverse group of people who came to South Carolina and the reasons that they came. Gallery 2 focuses on South Carolina’s role in the American Revolution, antebellum life, and the expansion of the state into the upcountry.

Gallery 3 covers secession, the U.S. Civil War, and Reconstruction in South Carolina. Gallery 4 is dedicated to the period after Reconstruction, a time of natural disasters and recovery for the Charleston area.

Gallery 5 returns to the theme of diversity that is illustrated in the first gallery and highlights the convergence of cultures that makes the state unique. Gallery 6 features a rotating exhibit on foodways and conservation efforts in South Carolina.

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South Carolina Historical Society Museum

Exhibit: The People, The Place, The Promise

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