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History of San Diego/Ethnic and cultural groups history
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The growth of ethnic groups

When the population of San Diego grew, people from different countries started to settle here. It suddenly became a multicultural city because of the Latinx, Chinese, African, and Filipino community.

Hispanics made major breakthroughs in employment in San Diego. From unskilled jobs to jobs in the military, they were welcome in the city because they brought the Spanish language, as well as their culture.

Immigrants from China started to arrive in 1860 to Point Loma and New Town areas of San Diego. They were discriminated and that led them to create their own community: Chinatown. They worked in the fishing industry, railroad construction, food industry and merchandising. They soon created district associations and family associations. In 1870, two Chinese Christian missions were founded.

Check out this video to learn more about San Diego’s multicultural communities.

The African Americans did not migrate to San Diego before the naval expansion of World War II. However, this changed when the Urban League implemented equality. After 1960 and the Civil Rights Act, they started to settle into areas like Emerald Hills, Encanto and Oak Park. The history of their community is documented in the Baynard Collection, a photography exhibit.

The Filipino community began in San Diego when students arrived at State Normal School and they served after in the United States Navy. The majority of the Filipinos lived downtown, around the Market. After World War II, many Filipino American Veterans moved out to the suburbs. A part of California State Route 54 in San Diego is named "Filipino-American Highway", in honor of their community.

Information sourced from Wikipedia. Cover Picture courtesy of Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

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History of San Diego

Ethnic and cultural groups history

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