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Elliot Park

Elliot Park is a neighborhood within the larger Central community in Minneapolis. The neighborhood contains two different types of grids: the Downtown Minneapolis street grid, running parallel to the Mississippi River, and the South Minneapolis street grid, running north-south and east-west. This leads to many triangular street corners where the two grids meet. Elliot Park used to be the wealthiest neighborhood in Minneapolis and is currently going through a gentrification process that is returning the neighborhood into a popular place for young people!


Elliot Park is one of Minneapolis's oldest neighborhoods, with plots determined as early as 1856. Early Swedish immigrants settled here as it was close to the mills and factories along the Mississippi. The first park in the city was Elliot Park which is one of two parks in the city. At the end of the 1800s, the city experienced rapid growth and this neighborhood became a fashionable area to live in with several large mansions built along Park Avenue. The neighborhood quickly grew in density as well, with the building of several apartment buildings. Many brownstone buildings created an evolving neighborhood that connected with the growth of downtown as well.

The area began to decline in wealth in the mid-1900s with the construction of the interstate system resulting in people moving to the suburbs and the destruction of many of the commercial businesses in the area. By the 2000s, the neighborhood quickly gentrified with many luxury condos in the area. The neighborhood has seen many young people move to the area that are interested in living close to downtown and having an urban lifestyle.

Notable residents

Some famous residents of Minneapolis include Charles Schulz, the creator of the Peanuts cartoon and J. Paul Getty, businessman and industrialist and CEO of Getty Oil.

Information sourced from Wikipedia. Cover image by Bobak Ha'Eri and licensed under CC BY 3.0.

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Elliot Park

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