Elephant Mountain

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Elephant Mountain

Whether you’re looking to get some exercise, or enjoy a new perspective, visiting Elephant Mountain, otherwise known as Xiangshan, is the best alternative to visiting the Taipei 101 observation deck. Located in the Xinyi District, Elephant Mountain is a 600 foot-high hiking trail that overlooks all of Taipei. The easy-to-follow trail leads you to six viewing platforms and six giant boulders. Best of all, it’s free!

A Photographic Dream

This is where you’ll be able to take that epic photo of Taipei that you often see on Instagram. Many travelers enjoy this perspective far better than from Taipei 101 because you’re able to include Taipei 101, itself, in your pictures!

Visitor Information

The ideal time to visit Elephant Mountain is on a weekday. During the weekend the trail gets considerably more crowded. For those looking for a bit more exercise, the Elephant Mountain trail connects with the 9-5 Peak and Tiger Mountain, two other well-known trails just outside the city. To get to Elephant Mountain, take exit 2 from the MRT Xiangshan station, the last stop on the line. Upon departing, you’ll see brown signs leading you to the trailhead. It'll take about half an hour to make it to the top. Please keep in mind that most of the trail is made up of steps, so it's a good time to break out a comfortable pair of shoes.

Cover image by george17168 is made available on Pixabay.

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Elephant Mountain

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