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History of Baltimore/Early Settlement
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Early Settlement

Baltimore area had been inhabited by Native Americans since the 10th millennium BC when Paleo-Indians first settled in the region. One Paleo-Indian site and several Archaic periods and Woodland period archaeological sites have been identified in Baltimore.

The immediate Baltimore vicinity was populated by Native Americans in the early 1600s. The Baltimore County area was used for hunting by the Susquehannocks. Pressured by the Susquehannocks, the Piscataway tribe of Algonquians stayed south of the Baltimore area and inhabited primarily the north bank of the Potomac River. In 1608, Captain John Smith traveled from Jamestown to the uppermost Chesapeake Bay, leading the first European expedition to the Patapsco River, a word that means "backwater" or "tide covered with froth" in Algonquian dialect. Baltimore was erected as a county in 1659 when a warrant was issued to be served by the "Sherrif of Baltimore County". The area now known as Baltimore was settled two years later by David Jones. Another "Baltimore" existed on the Bush River around 1674 and it is known today as "Old Baltimore" which a location that was lost for years.

The city is named after Cecil Calvert, second Lord Baltimore, of the Irish House of Lords and founding proprietor of the Province of Maryland. Previously, he had been a loyal agent of King Charles I of England (1600–1649) as his Secretary of State until declaring himself a follower of Roman Catholicism. In 1729, The Maryland General Assembly established the Town of Baltimore and enlarged it in 1745, incorporating David Jones's original settlement known as Jones Town. Baltimore sent representatives to the Assembly, and over the next two decades it acquired nine parcels of land and annexed neighboring villages including Fells Point to become an important community on the head of the Patapsco River.

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History of Baltimore

Early Settlement

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