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Early Days

The Yamacraws, a Native American tribe, were the first known people to settle in and around Savannah. In the 18th century, under their leader Tomochichi, they interacted with the European settlers arriving in the area.

The Yamacraw emerged in the early 18th century, occupying parts of what became Georgia, specifically along the bluffs near the mouth of the Savannah River where it enters the Atlantic Ocean. They were made up of Lower Creek and Yamasee, and kept independent for about 20 years before integrating again with the main part of the Lower Creek people.


The Yamacraw tribe was formed in the late 1720s, under the leadership of Tomochichi from some bands of Yamasee and Lower Creek people who disagreed with severing with the British during the Yamasee War of 1715. By 1728 the Yamacraw had settled along the Savannah River near its mouth. In 1733 James Oglethorpe, interested in founding a colony at the site because of its strategic location on the water, negotiated with Tomochichi and the Yamacraw agreed to move their village upriver.

All information sourced from Wikipedia. Cover image credit to Wikipedia (Public Domain)

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Early days

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