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Founded in the idyllic small town of Duck, North Carolina in 2007, Duck Donuts quickly grew across the state and beyond on its simple but effective formula and unique aesthetic. Founder Russel DiGillo loved visiting Duck on vacation but noticed there was no local donut shop. Seeking to remedy this, he perfected his formula and opened one himself. When you first go into the Duck Donuts in Charlotte, the first thing you will notice is the colorful decorations and a dedication to a style that will be immediately recognizable to anyone familiar with the North Carolina coast. The donuts are made to order in full view of the customers so you know what you are getting is fresh. Every donut can also be customized to taste. These can range from preset favorites to your own creations. So whether you want an old favorite or want to experiment a little, there is something for you.

While you might be tempted to write off Duck Donuts when you need something more substantial than just a simple dessert, that would be a mistake. In addition to their donuts, they also serve the donut breakfast sandwich. This must-have uses one of their freshly prepared donuts sliced in half as the bread, and they take the same philosophy of a traditional breakfast sandwich and apply it to their donuts. You can get any combination of fillings for this sandwich including egg, cheese, sausage, and a donut with a glaze or without. Whether for your morning fuel or a quick treat, check out Duck Donuts today.

Check out Duck Donuts today

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Duck Donuts

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