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If you’re looking for cheap beer and unique entertainment, look no further than Drink and Ink, the bar that lets you watch people get tattooed in real time.

It’s a small, cozy space attached to Tattoo Factory next door. There’s not room for much more than the bar and a few stools, but that doesn’t stop Drink and Ink from being one of the most unique bars in Chicago. A brightly colored snake and a menacing cougar stare down at patrons from where they’re painted on the ceiling in bold brushstrokes. The bar itself is engraved with tattoo designs and embedded with tools artists use when tattooing people. The barstools are even tattooed leather! Despite the bar’s unassuming size, there is a wide selection of beers. You can get a beer and a shot for only $4.50.

The most exciting aspect of Drink and Ink is the monitors above the bar. They show live footage of people getting tattooed at Tattoo Factory—this is the only bar in Chicago that does this. This is a great option for people who accompany friends to their appointments but don’t want to sit in the tattoo parlor for hours or you are curious about the process. Every visit to the bar is a new experience, getting to see different people make their choices about what they want inked on their bodies forever.

Drink and Ink is open from 6 PM - 2 AM on weekdays and from 12 PM - 2 AM on weekends.

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Wilson Red Line

Drink and Ink

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