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Dinkytown is located within the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood in Minneapolis. The district is lively with several blocks of small stores, restaurants, bars, and apartment buildings that house mostly students at the University of Minnesota. Dinkytown is along the North side of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities East Bank campus.

Notable landmarks

Notable landmarks include the Dinkydome (a former seminary converted to a food court and then into loft space), the Loring Pasta Bar (formerly Gray's Campus Drug and also the building where Bob Dylan lived in Minneapolis), and Al's Breakfast (arguably the city's smallest restaurant).

Several notable establishments include: Vescio's Italian restaurant (open for almost 70 years), Annie's Parlour, and The Book House. The Chateau Co-Op built their brutalist-style 22-story apartment in 1973 at 13th Avenue Southeast and 5th Street Southeast, a stark contrast from the other buildings in the area.


The name Dinkytown is of uncertain origin, but is thought to have come from any one of these sources below:

* The streetcars that provided transit throughout the area were called "Dinkys". * The theatre in Dinkytown had only four rows of seats, and for years was known as "The Dinky Theater." Shortly thereafter, it was just "The Dinky." * The Loring Pasta Bar, has the name of an early owner carved in cement over the doorway: "Grodnik," meaning a small (or dinky) town. The name of the early owner was Louis Grodnik, who owned a haberdashery at that location Grodnik, comes from the words "grod" which means town and "nik" which means little or small.

Information sourced from Wikipedia. Cover image by RxS and sourced from Wikipedia and available under the Public Domain.

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