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Marie Mahar posed for her picture with the crew of the newly rebuilt Dennysville Lumber Company in 1907, having happened along just in time. She recalled years later: "I remember the smell of newly sawn wood and the different sounds of the mills and their bells."

The Dennysville Lumber Company purchased the Lincoln Brothers Mills in 1894. During thirty years of operation, the Dennysville Lumber Company provided employment year round in their mills and woods camps, producing a variety of wood products for local and distant markets. They survived fire, floods and even labor troubles.

On April 4, 1907, the box and novelty mill were reduced to ashes in a fire which also destroyed the grist mill belonging to the A.L.R. Gardner Company. By September of the same year, the box and novelty mill was rebuilt and a new burner installed to consume its waste. Five years later another fire claimed the green box mill, or old single saw, which was situated east of the rotary.

In 1907 there were also labor problems. In July, most of the mill crew went on strike for four days, asking for a ten hour day. Their demand wasn’t met, but they returned to work on Monday.

The Dennysville Lumber Company sold all of its timberland and mills to the Dead River Timberland Company in 1916 for $147,500, which in turn leased the property to the Eastern Manufacturing Company. When the lease expired in ten years, the mill business was terminated. The dam was blown and Lincoln Pond drained in 1930, carrying with it the economic power of the community.

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Exploring Dennys River

Dennysville Lumber Company

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