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Denman Estate Park

Located in northwest San Antonio, Denman Estate Park is a 21-acre public park. The park has a Korean pavilion (similar to the Gwangju Democracy Bell, in Gwangju South Korea) and it was designed by the architects Yu Chang Byung and Hong Hee Lee, and the Korean firm Namkwang Construction Co. The project cost about $1.2 million and the City of Kwangju provided half of those funds.

The park has a pond, a half-mile walking trail, a Southern-style mansion, Korean Pagoda, and a small meditation garden with picnic tables. It is perfect to visit with family and friends while being outdoors. There is no admission fee, which makes the whole experience even better. If you are lucky enough, you can fish here! The weather in San Antonio is great, so make sure to bring comfortable shoes and a bottle of water.

If you're looking for somewhere to take amazing pictures, this park is the place, especially if you go over the Korean Pavilion. You will be able to check the details of this enormous monument that has a rich history behind it. It was hand-built in Gwangju, Korea, by Korean craftsmen and artists who traveled to San Antonio to assemble it. The pavillion was designed to facilitate business and cultural friendships between the two cities, San Antonio, Texas and Gwangju, South Korea and was a gift from the South Korean people to the San Antonio people. It is a meaningful monument that deserves to be captured.

Cover Picture by Joe Diaz on Flickr. Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0). Information Sourced from Wikipedia.

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Denman State Park

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