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If you ask old school Austonians what the best dive bar in town is many of them will say Deep Eddy Cabaret without hesitation. Deep Eddy is one of the oldest bars in town as well as one of the most fiercely defended by its regulars. Founded in 1951 by Mickey and Raymond Hickman, it was originally called Deep Eddy Cafe but the name was changed when it was very astutely observed that no food was actually served there.

Deep Eddy Cabaret has long been something of a local social club in that the owners always encouraged meeting and mingling so that everyone in the area got to know each other. It has always been a family business, when Raymond died in 1963 Mickey took over for the next 30 years before passing it down to her son Butch and his wife Patti.

Deep Eddy is named after a swimming hole that was once located on the Colorado River right across the street from the bar. The original swimming hole is a long gone but now there is an extremely popular pool called Deep Eddy that is one the best places to swim in Austin. The owners have watched as many Austin landmarks around them have disappeared and have not plans for that to happen to Deep Eddy.

In many ways it is still the epitome of a classic Texas dive bar. Only beer and wine are served, and the clientele tends to skew a bit older. The jukebox is a relic but in the best possible way, it is also cash only so remember to hit up the ATM on the way there. In a city of change Deep Eddy is a constant, a persistent hold out from modernity, and also probably the coolest place to have a beer in Austin.

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Deep Eddy Caberet

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