Dearborn Denim

Dearborn Denim 1504 East 53rd Street Chicago

Made in Chicago/Dearborn Denim
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Dearborn Denim set out to create the most comfortable jeans you’ll ever buy! Each pair is made here on Chicago's west side using all American materials.

Robert McMillan started Dearborn Denim as an online business in 2016. Increased popularity led to the opening of their first store in the historic neighborhood of Hyde Park. Here you will find ample shopping on 53rd Street, the Museum of Science and Industry and Hyde Park Hair Salon, Barack Obama's old barber shop.

Inside the Dearborn Denim store, you will find a selection men's and women's jeans with different colors and fits to suit all preferences. You can have your jeans fitted and hemmed to length while you wait. This provides the perfect opportunity to explore the shops and cafes located outside.

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Dearborn Denim is proud of its Chicago roots. Their logo features the Chicago star, the same one you'll find on our city flag and the name Dearborn refers to Chicago's first outpost, Fort Dearborn, built in 1804.

To see how each pair of jeans is made, watch the video below.

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