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Meddle Coffee Bar 601 West Jackson Boulevard Chicago

Jason Brammer
Written By Jason Brammer

Jason Brammer is a Chicago-based visual artist known for his distinctive mixed media works, paintings, drawings, site-specific installations, and murals.

Walking into Meddle Coffee Bar and having the sudden urge to touch the wall is completely normal. Jason Brammer has made your childhood dream come true -- you finally get to live in Jumanji -- but you won't want to escape from this jungle coffee shop. Deemed the world's first "psychedelegant" coffee shop, Jason Brammer transformed the space using a technique called trompe l'oeil, French words that translate to "trick of the eye." The technique is used to make two-dimensional art appear convincingly three-dimensional. Brammer uses it in many of his murals, but this one somehow engulfs you.

We promise it's not the hallucinogenic Datura Inoxia flowers seen in the mural (yes, that's where the mural gets its name) that are making you think the wall is literally opening up to the jungle. Check out the gold piping in the mural. Somehow it convinces the eye that your Dark Matter coffee is pumping right from the jungle into the shop.

"When my friends at Dark Matter asked if I’d be interested in creating a psychedelic jungle mural that bursts through the walls of their Pink Floyd-inspired shop Meddle, I jumped at the chance! I loved opening up the space by fusing the organic visuals of their coffee’s jungle origin with a dynamic illusion of the walls opening into another realm. The hallucinogenic Datura Inoxia flowers surge with life as their alien intelligence drives them to cross the barrier into the human world, floating in on their spiky UFO seed pods to lay the groundwork for future sentient intelligence to emerge." --Jason Brammer

Did You Know?

If you stand in front of the tree column facing the bar counter and look at the purple neon sign, the perspective points of the murals all line up. The floating green UFO with spikes appears to be a perfect circle, but it was actually painted as an oblong oval that appears circular when viewed from this angle.

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Portals, Pyramids, & Octopods: The Art of Jason Brammer

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