Dark Matter Machine

Dark Matter Coffee 738 North Western Avenue Chicago

Jason Brammer
Written By Jason Brammer

Jason Brammer is a Chicago-based visual artist known for his distinctive mixed media works, paintings, drawings, site-specific installations, and murals.

Coffee just tastes better when it's brewed in a submarine. If you're finding it difficult to discern what's actually antique and what's new, you're not alone. Even things that appear to be a part of the mural probably assisted in making your cup of coffee.

The former life of the Dark Matter Machine was a currency exchange with metal walls. This is where Jason got the metallic, welded aesthetic for the shop. The walls and ceilings are painted to look rusty and dripping with age, and the coffee roasting machines were painted and embellished with gears, tubes, and gauges to make them look like antique contraptions. Ever been to the Boiler Room? The Dark Matter Machine may or may not have been used to capture to the huge octopus that now calls the pizza palace home. Check out the video below to hear how the machine came to be.

Some are painted, some are functioning, but only one of the gauges once called a crematorium home. That's right, one of the gauges used on the machine came from a crematorium.

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Portals, Pyramids, & Octopods: The Art of Jason Brammer

Dark Matter Machine

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